Teacher Tale As Old As Time

Today you are all serving as my distraction from editing creative writing pieces done by my 8th graders. Let me start by saying that I KNOW I use bad grammar quite often. Sometimes I do it for style purposes and sometimes I do it because grammar is hard! I shouldn’t stand in judgement of anyone. I also realize this is a case of “what goes around comes around.” I was exactly the same in the 8th grade. I distinctly remember thinking that my teachers should just get over all these grammar rules and read the story already. The story is the important part and I’m sure you can tell what I am trying to say if you just get off your high horse.

Turns out, nope! They were not just being picky. They were genuinely confused.

Let me jump into my 110 year old self for a moment and just mention that texting is ruining RUINING! written language. I was told today that the reason they can’t remember if you capitalize the word “I” is because either you don’t have to in texts or texts just do it for you. How are we possibly supposed to know such impossible information, Mrs. B?! How? HOW?

Well, assuming you didn’t take it in during the first nine years of school you could at least have paid attention at the beginning of class when I pointed out that most of you were forgetting to do this and to check your work before submitting it for editing. I’m no expert but I think that might have worked.

Don’t even get me started on punctuating dialogue.

I’m glad that my 7th graders just finished a book and earned watching the movie version right before the holiday break. I don’t believe my brain could take 110 papers at once.

****Please take this as the tongue-in-cheek diatribe that it is. I am fully aware that my job is not hard when compared to nearly anything else. I am also aware that I am the teacher here and if they are struggling with something I should probably look at myself and not them.****


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