Better Day

Just to set your minds at ease, Eliot made a big improvement overnight. Our best guess after watching him all day was that he had injured his back. He struggles with our wooden stairs and fell all the way down them on Thursday. He didn’t make a single sound or movement that would have indicated he was hurt at the time. However, he started behaving really puny in the wee hours of Saturday morning. He would barely move, could barely walk, and his eyes were really wet all day. He could drink and poop and eat. That’s why it was hard to decide what was wrong. Finally I did some internet research. His crab walking, tight belly, refusal to jump symptoms perfectly matched a back injury. I ran to the store for some baby aspirin. He made such a quick recovery that I can’t even say it was the aspirin. I think he basically had a bad crick in his bones and it finally loosened up. We are no longer letting him walk down the stairs. Add that to the fact that he has to be lifted onto our bed and I guess we can chalk this up to getting old. In every other way he is as spry as a much younger dog.   

The rest of the day was also nice. I would be bummed out that it is already Sunday evening but it’s just a three day week! I can probably manage three days. 

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