Is It Really Only Tuesday?

I need a break with this week already! Ugh.

I wrote the tiniest little post yesterday because I felt like it couldn’t just be pictures for so many days in a row. Now that we have that out of the way, here are some pictures.

First, I did finish the tree on Sunday. It’s not that big of a deal but I have to post everyday in November so you get pictures. There are plenty of things on this tree that could be scooched around and made better, but nobody sees our home and as long as it glows pretty I am happy.

I’m really excited by the tree skirt. I’ve never had one of my own. Is that weird? To be 33 and have only just now bought a real tree skirt? Probably.

Since we are here having a picture post I will go ahead and show you these educational pictures. I should save it for another post since I have nothing to say tomorrow either, but you’re nice people and deserve more today.

If nothing comes into your mind when I say that I plug my truck into the parking lot, I have a treat for you.

Now you know. There are two long rows of these columns with four outlets each. Every morning we all get out and plug up. That second picture is actually a lesson in what NOT to do. Even though there are four outlets I have been told that anything more than two cars on one column will cause the whole row to trip.

Alaska! Where everything is just a lot damn harder than it needs to be!

I’m going to put that on a shirt.

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