Other Joys of Winter

I had a nice weekend in which we did nothing out of the ordinary at all but everything went well and everyone was in a good mood. It should speak to how relaxed and cheerful the weekend was for us all that Rosalind started Sunday morning with violent puking and yet I still call it all good. The dry air continues to wreak havoc upon Rolo’s system. She isn’t so itchy these days but regularly wakes up having had a bloody nose in her sleep. She then proceeds to clear her throat approximately 800 million times a day. All of that to say, I think she puked because she had swallowed a bunch of blood and snot in her sleep. As soon as she was all clear of that she was fine for the rest of the day. Yes, we have gotten her a humidifier.

Speaking of bloody noses, I learned a valuable English teacher lesson last week. If a student bleeds on a book then the book is a total loss. No matter how small an amount of blood. I found myself having to tell all of my remaining classes that if they ended up with a nose bleed I would greatly appreciate it if they would aim anywhere but the books. Specifically the class sets that are shared departmentally. It was a weird thing to have to tell them about book care, but timely because a different kid got a nosebleed the next day and no books were lost. I bet English teachers that live in humid states don’t have nearly as big a problem with all of this.






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