The Joy of Winter

Before I came to work I:

-Took our kitchen broom outside and swept snow off of my truck.

-Unplugged the truck from the house.

-Turned on the truck to warm up for 15 minutes before time to leave (25 would have been better).

-Scraped the truck windows with a credit card.

-Ran my hands under water for five minutes to make them bend again because I didn’t realize it was -17 degrees outside and only wore knit gloves.

When I got to work I:

-Cleaned off one of the outlets in the parking lot.

-Struggled to open any of the frozen outlet covers in the parking lot.

-Got help from a coworker to open the frozen outlet covers.

-Plugged my truck into the outlet in the parking lot.

Sergio did all of this with the truck in Bethel all last year but since he doesn’t post anymore I get to take all the miserable glory here on the blog. Also, it didn’t snow so much depth in Bethel, so sweeping the truck is a joy all my own.

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