Follow Up on Previous Posts

Well, Rolo seems fine but my eyes are still itchy and sometimes feel like something is in them. I don’t know that it was pink eye after all. This morning I had an allergy attack and took a big dose of Flonase and now my head and eyes feel a bit better. What could I possibly be allergic to in all this snow? It’s a mystery.

Or maybe we just have really weird pink eye and are passing it on to everyone around us (because we know how to make friends). I did grade 110 interactive notebooks yesterday. If I didn’t give something to someone then I’m sure I picked something up. Just so you know, touching 110 journals in one day causes exactly the same result on your hands as counting money all day. Journals are dirty. People are gross.

*I feel I should point out that I do wash my hands after each class. I don’t just sit around and wait to see how dirty my hands get at the end of each notebook grading day.*

I have put up the Christmas tree but have not yet begun decorating. Rosalind helpfully put up several Lego creations that are balanced precariously among the branches for now. All of my ornaments are still sitting in the produce aisle of the grocery store. I liked the theme we had last year and look forward to doing it again. I really love the part after Christmas where I just throw almost everything away. I am considering getting some sort of burlap ribbon this year, and some fake stringed cranberries, but otherwise the same. There is a very big chance that I will lose my mind and buy everything in the Joann or Michaels because SO MANY CHOICES. Nothing makes you appreciate aisles full of decorations like a year in Bethel.

Only five weeks and five days until cheese dip! I mean until I come home for Christmas break and see my family and stuff. That’s totally what I meant to say.

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