The Mondayest

This day was a bust. I didn’t go to work because I’m pretty sure Rolo and I have pink eye. After a full day of working out how to see a doctor in Alaska I feel like I keep walking in a big circle and then being surprised when I hit the same wall over and over again. Why is it so hard to see a doctor when you are sick? Shouldn’t I be cosmically rewarded for not running to the doctor at every pang I feel? But no. Can’t see a doctor that I haven’t established a relationship with already. It’s like that age old condundrum of cantgetajobuntilihaveexperiencecantgetexperienceuntiligetajobrepeatrepeatrepeat. Anyway. Healthcare in this country is…insane. 

So then we were home all day with no plans and I promised Rolo we would make cinnamon ornaments. I kept delaying because I didn’t want to deal with the mess. Then I finally gave in and started the project only to realize I have exactly one ingredient on hand. Cinnamon. Where was my brain? I don’t know. 

I knew the day was doomed when I had to call the school to arrange my absence this morning because it was too late to do so electronically, and the secretary informed me that this absence was VERY inconvenient. You don’t say? Because I think being already dressed for work and having zero sub plans ready and a goopy eyed child is the very DEFINITION of convenience. 

Here are pictures of Rosalind eating a Honeycrisp apple dipped in ketchup last night. Maybe she doesn’t have pink eye. Maybe her body parts are simply staging a protest. Yuck. 


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