Important Questions

I’m sitting here texting a friend about whether or not I should go ahead and satisfy my whim to start decorating for Christmas. I know what you are thinking. Don’t! It’s too early! I have always been a member of that camp myself, believing that we should give each holiday it’s full due before moving to the next. 

But I don’t want tooooooo.

It turns out that without family or friends around, Thanksgiving is kind of a non-event. Let’s make a big dinner! Okay. That took a couple of hours of my day. You know what might make it more cozy and festive? Eating in the glow of Christmas tree lights. 

I would not be out of place if I went ahead and decorated in this town. The day after Halloween the town and the townspeople began decorating. Everywhere. I think it might be my civic duty. 

Now…is it too early to start the Christmas music? 

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