Filling Space

It’s day five and I’m out! I don’t have any new pictures or anything. If I could show video on this blog I could post a video of Rolo learning Away In A Manger on the piano or a recording I took out of complete confusion just now of 50 middle schoolers bear crawling past my classroom door before I realized wrestling practice was happening in the hallway. Know what smells? 50 middle schoolers having wrestling practice in the hallways.

Here is a list of things that I have gotten used to having again but don’t yet take for granted. Every time I experience one of the following activities I sit quietly for a second and just relish the moment.

  1.  Unlimited water. This means always being able to flush the toilets, long showers when I want them, enough laundry done in a week to keep us in clothes, and rinsing the dishes in the sink before washing them in the dishwasher.
  2. The dishwasher. I love you so. I still hate dishes, but I love you completely.
  3. Chain grocery stores. It makes me a bad person but I feel unadulterated joy every time I enter a Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, or dare I mention, Sam’s Club.
  4. Different foods. Fresh foods. See that broccoli? It doesn’t wobble. See that kale? It exists here.
  5. A garage. I don’t actually use the car that lives in the garage, but on the occasions that I am in that car it is really nice that it is warm.
  6. Stuff to do. Comic book store. Book store. Movie theater. Soccer practice. Piano practice. Racquetball. Tennis. Stuff we haven’t even tried yet like hockey games and cross country skiing. Time passes at a more reasonable rate here.
  7. Unlimited wifi at home! Oh my goodness. You just have no idea. Netflix! Full Episodes of whatever I forgot to DVR! Just whatever I feel like without stress! Unlimited water is better, but only just.

Because I know someone will ask I will go ahead and answer the obvious question. Is there anything I miss about Bethel? I met a lot of lovely people and I experienced some really unique things, but the only thing I truly miss and can’t seem to replace in Fairbanks is my Zumba class. I haven’t found a way to match the frequency, price, or convenience of that class. Somehow this isn’t a big enough thing to make me long to move back.

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