It’s November

In November I try to post everyday. I’m not very enthusiastic about it this year since I finally managed it last year, but I’ll go until I don’t go anymore. I think I might rely heavily on pictures this year. You will also have to accept that my WordPress account is on a strange setting and will say that I posted this tomorrow. I don’t know why and I am too lazy to find out. Just trust me that when I posted the Halloween post yesterday it really was still Halloween, and when I post this one it is still November 1st where I am.

That was an exhausting explanation.

Speaking of relying on pictures…here are some pictures that tell me it might be a lot harder for Superheroes to suit up than most Superman movies would have you believe.

IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1568

I now have this image in my head of Wonder Woman or Spiderman running home to ask for help zipping up their Super Suits before heading out to fight crime. Makes me laugh.

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