Updates Punctuated by Intense Whining

What’s new since we last spoke? Well, Sergio officially lives in Fairbanks now! That’s fantastic news. It also began snowing last week. That is dreadful news. For one brief day it all melted away, but last night it began to snow again and there is no end in sight.

That brings us to this morning, when I had to jump into snow-driving with both feet. There are some things about the South I love, and others I find repugnant. I wholeheartedly own my Southern status when it comes to snow-driving. I don’t do it. I don’t like it. I don’t understand why we live here and use cars when they so clearly were not made for these conditions.

Needless to say, my morning drive to drop Rosalind off at daycare was white-knuckled. We did go ahead and buy an old, white, Ford 4×4 truck over the weekend. It looks almost just like the Bethel truck but this one isn’t extended cab, nor does it have a front bumper, and the speedometer is broken. It’s my car. I specifically asked for 4 wheel drive and chose this truck for myself. 4 wheel high and I made friends in Bethel and we’ll probably stay that way in Fairbanks.

So imagine me this morning puttering along the road going less than nothing while cars lined up behind me. Imagine a look of abject terror on my face for the full 15 minutes of the drive. Like this, but without the cute factor.


And my hands held so tightly around the wheel that I had claw marks on my palms when it was over. Now imagine that when I pull into the daycare I get a phone call telling me that I had taken off with the Volvo keys in my purse and had to return home.

Not only did I spend my morning in one of my most anxiety inducing situations (snow-driving) but I also ended up late to work, which is my other most anxiety inducing situation. I can’t handle being late. At all.

Not to mention, when I arrived at work I was only one class period away from my formal observation. The one that pretty much determines if I’m okay to teach in this district. No stress to my morning at all.

Okay, whining done. At least until I have to drive again this afternoon.

Rosalind began piano lessons last week and will start indoor soccer tonight, weather permitting. She seems perfectly content with Fairbanks so far. Of course, today was the first day we had to outfit her in complete winter gear, so we’ll see if she maintains a good attitude or if we see a return of Itchy Bitchy.

The sky is remaining dark longer everyday. We joined a gym to fight off the coming winter doldrums. We learned how valuable exercise can be for this sort of thing while living in Bethel. Sergio and I have been playing a lot of racquetball. We really enjoy it, but I guess we don’t have many skills. On the other hand, my cursing is improving immensely.

One thought on “Updates Punctuated by Intense Whining

  1. I am the same way about driving in bad conditions, I grip the steering wheel and repeat the 23rd Psalm up and over the hills. I try not to get out much. Obviously you made it today , thank God.

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