Caffeine Thoughts

I have made an error in judgment. I decided that the thing I needed to get through Open House tonight was a latte at 5:30 pm. I thought it might also help my increasingly sore throat and aching head. It wouldn’t be teaching if I didn’t get a communicable illness within the first month, after all. Anyway, the latte was nice, but I am now sitting here with a sore throat and aching head and too much energy to just fall asleep. I’m an idiot.

This uptick in (terrible, awful, miserable, nausea-level) headaches should probably send me to the doctor but one way in which I am still not much of an adult is going to the doctor. I go when I have a sinus infection because I know that I have one and what I need. That’s pretty much it. I just assume everything else will take care of itself over time. I am definitely going to keel over one day having totally missed all warning signs. Adulting can be hard.

I was happy with Open House because nobody called me out on not being a real English teacher, which is my secret fear.* We’ll see if that trend continues by P/T conference in October. Fingers crossed. Would you like to see my daily home? I’m sure you all sit around dying to know where I spend the majority of my time. My parents might. I took pictures today because it was pretty organized, I finally found a table arrangement I like, and all the posters were managing to hold tight to the walls for once. This trend will not continue until October!

IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1406 IMG_1407

My room is pretty big. The blank wall by the flag is blank on purpose. I project things there. It has windows! I’m pleased. I could take you step by step through the organization of this room because I’m pretty happy with things after 8 years of trial and error, but that won’t be fun for anyone but me. Random things – I found out today that the corner tv is really for using and actually works, the blue paper on the window was because the sun was streaming right at my computer and I couldn’t see to take attendance, some of my students think my Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 poster is just a math poster. Breaks my heart.

This is a completely different thing but I should mention that after fifteen months in Alaska I finally encountered a moose. It was on the side of the road chilling and I was so excited I turned the car around twice to show Rolo. Because #ARgirlinAK.

*I’m totally a real English teacher. Highly qualified even. I don’t want anyone to worry about my credentials. I’m just talkin’ bout my feelings.

2 thoughts on “Caffeine Thoughts

  1. Of course you are qualified to be a real English teacher, your just lacking in confidence, that will increase with time. I don’t go to the doctor either, but when I start to feel sick at all or even if I am around someone who is sick I take vitamin c tablets, they are great for kicking a cold. Your classroom is really nice, bright and roomy.

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