The Possesion of the Volvo

When buying a used car off Craigslist sight unseen, you worry it might not work. You don’t usually worry that it’s carrying around a cranky spirit or something. I’m beginning to wonder. 

I guess you can’t really call a flat tire caused by a very obvious giant nail a possession problem, but it’s still odd to get one so soon after getting the car on such new tires. 

Meanwhile, on Friday I walked out of my house with my car keys in hand to find the car running. Or something. I went over to it and checked that I wasn’t insane. The ignition was all the way off and I was indeed still holding the keys. I had been home with the car presumably off for almost an hour. I turned the key to the first position and then back to off and the car went off. I went to the airport to get Sergio and it ran fine. By far the strangest car thing I had ever experienced. 

Today, while sitting totally still at a stop light, Sergio was startled when the back windshield shattered. Completely. 

It didn’t all fall out right away. This is after he picked me and Rolo up from a play date and we got some supplies to clean up and tarp it until anything opens during the week. 

We have no idea what happened. The car wasn’t moving. It’s possible it could have been shot at by a BB or pellet gun, but it seems so unlikely where he was sitting. Baffling. 

Do you think the car is trying to kill us? There’s a book like this, right? 

***I did look up the car coming on spontaneously thing out of fear of dying in bed from carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s actually a feature of Volvos. They dehumidify themselves for 7 minutes from time to time. The engine doesn’t come on but the fan runs so hard you’d be hard pressed to know it wasn’t on. 

2 thoughts on “The Possesion of the Volvo

  1. That is really weird, the temperature could have something to do with it, I had a window that broke once when I put the warm defrost on it. I am so glad Sergio was with you this weekend. I hope that is the end of the craziness with the car.

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