It’s Still Summer Where You Are, Right?

It’s been raining for two weeks straight.

It stopped today and the sun came out so briefly that my students got out of their seats to marvel.

When I left work it was 46 degrees with a windchill of 39.

There is a snowflake visible in my seven day forecast.

No. No no no no. NO!

Here are some pictures of better days. We ate at the Farmer’s Market just before the rain set in. They have great food truck options and birch trees to eat under. It’s so lovely. We had bahn mi, tamales, agua fresca, and a dark chocolate/avocado popsicle. The weather wasn’t too hot. It wasn’t yet cold. It seems so long ago. It was less than three weeks.

IMG_1334 IMG_1337 IMG_1338

I should write more, so here’s a picture of Rolo having lost her broken tooth today at school. She was so excited to get a tiny treasure chest box to bring it home. Hopefully she won’t take any more frisbees to the face now that her permanent teeth are emerging.


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