Brighter Side

Hi there! Things have settled nicely. In fact, I feel I should say that this move has gone better than it had any right to and really everything fell into place easily. Except that one thing about figuring out how Rolo was going to get to school (which is fully resolved and going great). I guess when you go through a few intense weeks, no matter how smoothly they are going, it can just take one thing to throw you off. And a mean lady being rude about your kid at inservice. Two things. 

I also figured out, after it finally went away around Thursday afternoon, that I had been repeatedly medicating a headache for six days. I had a six day headache! That’s rather a lot of headache. So I feel better now. 

I can prove it. I tend to think of myself as someone that sees the brighter side of most situations. On Wednesday night I did not. But on Thursday! Thursday after lunch I was sitting at my desk when a neighboring teacher came in and asked me for my car keys. I had a flat tire. While this wasn’t welcome news I didn’t immediately freak out. I’m sure I CAN change a tire, but this theory hasn’t been put into practice since my 9th grade science class that required we do so to pass. The coworker disappeared and came back twenty minutes later. He dropped my keys on my desk and said that he liked apple and cherry pie and walked out. Tire changed! I made it to Rolo’s school on the donut, searched my phone for the nearest tire store, and dropped my tire off at a mechanic to be patched. I asked if the mechanic would also put the tire back on for me so that I could continue living in ignorance of tire changing, and he did. It has continued to work ever since. All I really hoped is that it would get me to the airport Friday evening to get Sergio and it did! A great experience all around! 

***Sergio has already chalked up all of my good flat tire fortune to going through life as a blonde woman. So if that is also where your mind went, well, I’m insulted! I’m pretty sure it’s because I exude kindness! Or helplessness. One of those. 

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