Welp, I’m beat. I’m currently in my pajamas and lounging on the bed listening to silence because that’s about what I can manage right now. The last two weeks have been a hurricane of activity. It wasn’t enough that we had to move, buy furniture, buy a car, start work, enroll Rolo in school, and then send Sergio back to Bethel before all of that was settled. Oh no. It had to be complicated by the fact that Rolo’s school (and all North Pole elementary schools) start at 9 am. I start at 8. The high school starts at 7:30. Do you see the problem emerging? Who is left to get the babies to school? No parents, no teens, nothing. So we started looking for a morning daycare. There are five “big” ones in North Pole. Full. Of course. 

It took until 7 pm Monday night to find someone and even that was a fluke. I may or may not have had a tiny, silent breakdown sitting on the playground at the school I was doing inservice at on Monday. Not that Sergio wasn’t still doing the heavy lifting because he ultimately found the daycare lady through mere persistence and a misplaced belief that everything would work out. He also bought a refundable plane ticket in case he needed to come back to take Rolo to school, so maybe he didn’t really believe it would work out after all. In the middle of these things I’ve been trying to recreate myself in the image of an English teacher without alerting anyone that I’m out of my league at this point. 

Soooo, it was just a lot for a couple of weeks there. This post doesn’t even cover the other strange, small stresses that took place around us. Like the German Shepherds that overtook both my car and house this morning when we tried to get in the car, the assface lady at inservice who complained that Rolo was rattling a wrapper too loudly, the road to our house closing the week school starts, Rolo’s old school never sending her records to the new one, and MORE! Seriously though, it was that lady that complained about the wrapper that finally sent me over the edge. C’mon Lady, she is SIX. Marvel at how calmly she is sitting at this boring day long demonstration without bouncing off the walls. Nice people realize you don’t bring your six year old to inservice because of convenince and cut you some slack. Assfaces complain about wrappers rattling. I will hate you forever. Just so you know. 

But! I’ve now worked my first day and it was good. Rosalind made it to school and seems to be totally thrilled so far. She did not actually ride the bus today, so we still have that adventure for tomorrow. And I have to eventually go beyond syllabus stuff and games and figure out what to teach. 

But for tonight I’ve earned my pajamas and silence. 

Pictures of things. 



3 thoughts on “Venting

  1. Those are wonderful pictures, you both look beautiful. Dawn I am so proud of you, I never realize the things you have to go through sometimes and I applaud you for the way you handle all the craziness, I appreciate you and am proud to call you my daughter in law. I hope and pray that life will get a little easier now that you have overcome some big obstacles. keep your chin up , you are doing a great job.

  2. I am so sorry about the bum start, but I know you will do great. Don’t let that awful person ruin your attitude about everything else, and I’m sure you won’t. So happy that Roll got off to a good start.

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