Sunday Hike

As you may have already seen if you are our Facebook friends, we went hiking the other day instead of going to the fair. It was like a little lightbulb went off and we remembered that we loved to hike and that we could finally do that again now! We chose a three mile loop in Chena Valley. I had to remind myself over and over that we were not in Washington, Vancouver, or Oregon. It brought back just about every hike we ever did in those places. 

We just sort of took the leap that our six year old could go for three miles up and down a mountain. We were right! She did great! Now, she did take three small tumbles because those damn pebbly rocks are so slippery and those tree roots are so sneaky! Especially when you keep looking up at stuff and talking about everything else under the sun instead of watching your feet. She was a trooper on the first and hardest fall, but by the last and softest plop she wailed, “I’m so tired of falling and hurting myself.” She told us at the end she was “damaged.” Believe it or not, she had a great time and most of these things were due to her over-enthusiasm. On the other hand, she was dutifully careful in the real danger spots and that is all that matters. At one point we climbed up a rock, which looks a lot worse in the pictures than it really was. She went up a little the first time before backing out. Then she did the whole thing on her own just because she wanted to, without any pressure from us. Proud. 

 Eliot went up and down that incline about five times. I urge you to check out the video on Facebook. He had so much fun. However, he hikes at least twice as far as the rest of us as he goes ahead of us and comes back, goes off to the side and comes back, climbs the rocks and comes back. He is ten years old. No spring chicken. We kept him hydrated and fed the whole time and then right at the end he puked it all up and slept on my lap the whole way home. He still seems totally happy though. 

 Sergio noticed right away that there were lots of different kinds of berries along the trail and took pictures of every different kind he noticed. We have no idea what any of them are except the blueberries. 

 He could also have done the same thing for each kind of mushroom we saw, but didn’t. These were too perfect not to take pictures though. 

   Looking for Smurfs. 

We did not encounter any wildlife (phew!) but did come across two big piles of moose droppings. So I guess it’s a possibility sometime. Lucky for you, we did not take pictures of that. 


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