Here We Are Now

The last few days have been a whirlwind! It’s kind of a pain to run around a completely new town looking for furniture in a hurry. We’ve finally gotten enough items on which to rest our butts, so we can settle down for a bit now. 

Our first impressions of Fairbanks are all positive. Here are some pictures from in front of the airport. 

They may not look overly impressive to you but there are many interesting things here that we lived without last year. 1. Trees. 2. Hills. 3. Pavement. 4. Curbs. 5. Landscaped flowers. 6. Grass. 7. The color green. 8. Defined parking spaces. 

Here are a few pretty terrible pictures from the rest of the time. 

A couple things first…

Our house is in great shape. It has a nice yard and all the stuff we need. It was a little surprising to see that the kitchen and living room are on different levels, as are both bedrooms. 

We have had delivery Chinese food, gone to Barnes and Noble, had bagels, shopped at Fred Meyer, Walmart, Safeway, and every furniture store in town. We went to the Farmers Market today and it was amazing! We’re going to the Fair tomorrow. Civilization, ya’ll! 

Also, we allowed Rolo to pick her own chair for the living room since pretty much anything will go with our dark brown couch. As you can see, she knew exactly what she wanted. So there’s that. I will get those tags off, OCD people, but I’ve got to find and unpack the box containing scissors first. 

2 thoughts on “Here We Are Now

  1. LOVE the papasan chair! Rolo has such good taste. I hope you post more pics of the house as you get settled. North Pole looks so cute!

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