Moving Day Number I’ve Lost Count

In a couple of hours we’ll be heading to Fairbanks to live. I keep saying it to myself, but it’s hard to really get it through my mind. I think it’s because of the quick turnaround from finding out we were moving to physically moving. And maybe because I only spent a few days in this new Bethel house. I have actually found out about a move and then moved at an even faster rate than this once before in my life, from Williamsburg, VA to Collierville, TN when I was sixteen. I even lived in Williamsburg an even shorter amount of time than I did Bethel! So, I guess I know how to do this sort of thing. Too bad it’s not a marketable skill. 

What I can say is that Sergio and I have moving sight unseen down to an art form! On this move we got a job over the phone (mine), ranked schools online, found future piano lessons for Rolo, and picked not only a house but also a CAR over craigslist. We almost always get cars over Craigslist but we went ahead and bought this one without seeing it in person or driving it. SCARY! We just really need it right away. 

And as for today, Rolo and I have been running errands around Bethel. Dropping outgrown clothes off on the porch of the thrift store that said it was open but wasn’t. Checking the mail and purchasing money orders at the post office that said it opened at nine but really opened at ten. Selling one of the televisions over Bethel Bargains. Packing up the NINE free checked bags/totes that Alaska Airlines allows if you are flying within Alaska. Just your normal moving day stuff in Bethel. 

 As for this week we have teetered between the baffling Bethel stuff like spending $51 at the grocery store for three dinner items, watching drunk adults pick fights in town, and watching an unsupervised toddler tricycle up the road, to nice Bethel stuff like seeing people we know everywhere, swimming at the fitness center, and picking blueberries on the tundra. 

It wouldn’t be an appropriate last week here without a little mix of both sides. 

Goodbye, Bethel! We didn’t stay long enough to fully understand you, but I’m glad we got the opportunity to try. I’ll be telling stories from this year until I’m old and senile. 

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