I Should Be Packing

I know I said I would be back to blogging yesterday but then I went and turned in my work computer and fell asleep at 8 pm. I think we were still experiencing travel hangover all day yesterday. It made trying to organize this move that much more difficult. Adding to that difficulty is determining how best to move our stuff. 

We have three options. Option one: take our stuff in luggage on the plane in either our totes or suitcases. We can have up to nine. Option two: mail. Media items like books and movies can be mailed for almost nothing. Option three: drop our stuff off with a small plane operation and they will ship our stuff at their convenience. 

We aren’t just going with one of these options, but a combo of all three. On top of that, we have to figure out how to split the household so that Rosalind and I can set up house while Sergio still lives here until almost October. There is no just throwing stuff in boxes this time around. Every item in the house must be carefully considered. I’ll take the full cup measure and leave him the half cup. I’ll take the stock pot and leave him the crock pot. I’ll take all the real dishes because I’ll have the dishwasher and he can continue to eat off paper plates. Do I pack these towels or just buy new ones? What is the safest way to get our tvs to Fairbanks? 

We do not have much real furniture. Most Bethel rentals are furnished. This makes the moving a bit easier, but sets us up for a busy Thursday night. When we arrive in Fairbanks we have to get out of the airport and to a furniture store in order to buy, at the very least, two mattresses. In stock. Maybe a couch. The rest will come later. Except for a car, which we need to buy on Friday because renting a car during the height of tourist season adds up very quickly. I start work on Friday, so I guess Sergio and Rosalind will be in their own for that one. 

Speaking of, have I gone back and said anything about my job or where exactly outside of Fairbanks we will be living? No? Well, here is a clue…

And another…

And finally…

So there you go. As we tell Rolo, this is America’s North Pole, not THE North Pole. I’ll be teaching 7th and 8th grade English. I am so excited! And nervous. It’s like starting all over again. We chose to live near my job because if one of us was going to commute it should be the one that doesn’t refuse to drive over 10 mph in only 4 wheel drive in the snow. 

The Main Street in this town appears to be called Santa Claus Lane. I will never not have that song in my head.  
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane… 

Now you’re stuck there with me. 

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