The Adventure Continues

It feels like my summer is starting to wind down to the end and even though there are still some really fun things left to do, my mind has started to drift back to Bethel. I should be starting to get my new lesson plans together. I need to make a list of everything we need to buy here and either bring back in our luggage or ship to ourselves. We need to plan Sergio’s two and a half weeks here down to the moment so that he can experience not only summer, but just normal life in that short amount of time. Should we get new sheets? They are much cheaper here. Have we done enough doctor visits? We’ve done two dentists, the vet, and an eye appointment. Should I throw in anything else? I need a curtain rod. Rosalind needs school clothes. Oh, crap. We’ve got to get out her summer homework packet and get caught up. Is one week enough time to read both the World and US History textbooks this district uses? Because I probably need to refresh….SCRATCH.

That’s the sound of a record scratching. No, really. It is.

All of this was running not only through my mind, but also out of my mouth on Tuesday afternoon when I was on the phone with Sergio. I had just left lunch with a friend and was wandering around Target talking to Sergio about everything we need to get done the last week of summer vacation when his office phone rang. Now, when Sergio gets a work call while he is on his cell phone with me, he has the annoying habit of just putting me down. Many of his calls are so quick that this makes sense, but sometimes I get stuck sitting there wondering if he remembers that I am chilling on the desk. Usually I just totally tune him out as I can’t hear well enough to follow along. So this happened and I hear a sort of murmery conversation taking place but I’m just focusing on whether I think my kid needs the Captain America tank top or the Batman one.

Then a tone of surprise. I tune back in long enough to hear, “well, we’ve certainly considered it, just not so soon.” Pause. “That certainly gives me something to think about.” Small laughter. CLICK. He hung up on me.

This is not unusual. He will hang up on me if the call seems like it will go long or if he might have to say anything confidential. I put my phone away and consider the merits of salt and pepper shakers shaped like pugs. The merits are many.

My phone rings again and I am greeted with, “we have a problem.” Of course we do. Don’t we always?

I’ll stop the play by play and just tell you. Sergio is being transferred to Fairbanks.

We are moving again.


I told you we have a classifiable mental illness. I just don’t know what it is called yet.

To some degree we had a choice over this matter. And to some degree, there was no choice. Because this opportunity came along now it means that it is very unlikely it would come along again when we had hoped it might – at the end of next year. So we take it now. We take probably the only chance we will get to move to the city most sought after by all the Alaskans we know. Because that is Fairbanks. The most popular our of the big three (the other two being Anchorage and Juneau). A family town with a University and giant mountain towering above and a Walmart Supercenter. Yes. That’s right. Civilization wrapped up in scenery.


There are only two problems. 1. Me. 2. Rosalind. I am a problem because I JUST GOT THIS OTHER JOB! And it wasn’t so easy, you know! Rosalind is a problem because I don’t want to screw her up too much. She was so thrilled with who she had gotten for her 1st grade teacher and so sad to realize she wouldn’t be going back to her school and friends. On the other hand, they have pho, hockey, soccer, music lessons, trees, animals, a comic book store, a Barnes and Noble, a McDonalds, and unlimited water in Fairbanks. Not to mention, the plot of Inside Out (which Rolo has seen twice) was made for this exact situation. I did not realize we would need the tools that movie provides so soon after seeing it, but maybe it was meant to be. So…I think she’s going to be okay…eventually. I, on the other hand, am back to square one on the job hunt. At this late date there aren’t that many options out there and I’ll probably be subbing again this year until I can worm my way into the hearts and minds of the schools in Fairbanks. Think good thoughts for me. I would really like to have my own classroom cave to crawl into and feel comfortable.

So just when we thought we had this Bethel thing figured out we find ourselves moving again. You know what that means? Another year of all new blog content! We really do this for you guys.

Afterthought: This is the type of Alaska you see on television, so I expect somebody to come visit us now. Fairbanks has an airport, but we will also be on the road system again!!! A mere 64 hour drive will get you there from Arkansas. I have just planned your Spring Break. You. Are. Welcome.

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