Happy Father’s Day!

In honor of Father’s Day I decided to interview Rosalind about her dad over lunch yesterday. Here is that whole conversation. Her answers in bold.

How tall is Daddy? I don’t know that. Well, you are 50 inches tall. Does that help? She proceeds to stand up and measure herself. Then she stands up in the booth to add her height again. Maaaayyybbbeeee, 100 inches

What does daddy weigh? I can’t answer that! How does she already know weight is not something to discuss? I guess he weighs a little more than you, mommy. 

What color is dad’s hair? Dark brown….or maybe black. I can’t decide. 

What color are dad’s eyes? I’ve never looked close enough. I’m surprised by this answer. What color are my eyes? I cover my eyes. I’ve never looked at yours either! 

What does Dad do for work? He goes to court.

What does Daddy wear for work? A suit. Really? Still? Well, not alllll the time anymore. 

What is Dad’s favorite thing to eat? Potatoes. Mashed potatoes. 

What is Daddy’s favorite thing to drink? Tea. 

What does Daddy like to read the most? Adventure Time Comics.

What do you think Daddy is the best at? Turning off the fire alarm. 

What do you love Dad more than? ICE CREAM!!! Wow, that’s big. Can I do more? Sure, what else? Coloring pictures! Singing songs! Goodness! You must really love your Dad. Can I do one more? I love Daddy more than PLAYING WITH MY COUSINS!!!  Then she made a face that clearly said can you even believe I could love something more than that? 

What do you love most about Dad? He helps me do things. Like what? Like read Squirrel Girl. 

What do you miss most about Daddy right now while we are away? I just miss all of him. 

Happy Father’s Day, Sergio!  


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