So Far

Rolo, Eliot, and I made it to Little Rock right on time. Ever since we have been eating, seeing family, and shopping. Not much to report at this point from my end except that we are as happy to be spending the summer here as we thought we would be. On Sergio’s end, he spent the weekend moving us to the new house and cleaning up the old one. We have always worked hard to leave our rentals in good shape, because it’s the right thing to do and because we like our deposits back, but there was even more pressure to leave this one clean since we are keeping the same landlords. I think Sergio had a crappy weekend and I feel bad leaving the whole move to him while I relax down state. I’ll be sending him a care package today with the good soy sauce by way of apology. 

When Rosalind is back from Granny’s and the nieces and nephews are out of school I will probably have more to post about. In the meantime here are some pictures Rosalind left for me on my phone. Be glad I didn’t post all 48. 


This last one is a keeper. 

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