Like, uh, Fifty Two Hours To Go, I Think?

School is out! It’s a three day weekend! I’m just a few days away from Mexican food! So here are just a couple quick updates before I check out for a few days and resurface down South. By the way, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could improve your weather before I arrive. I’ve been looking forward to summer weather for a LONG time now and I need you to cooperate. K, thanks!

I looked up a few nights ago to find Rosalind like this.


That lovely ensemble includes a pair of hot pink athletic shorts, a Bethel sweatshirt, a matching purple v-neck t-shirt, cowboy boots that I KNOW must be a size or two too small, and a neck warmer repurposed as a headscarf. And one red glove. If this is how she chooses to dress herself for the remainder of summer you will not hear even one complaint from me. My entire summer goal is to not worry about how my child is dressed at all. I will make sure she has clean clothes available. I will make sure they fit. I will make sure she has sunscreen or a swimsuit when necessary. And that is it. I will not think about what she is wearing again until I have to fight her into layers of winter clothes again in the fall. It will be glorious.

A big event in Bethel this week is the arrival of the barge. I don’t know enough about this to say whether or not there will be any additional barges coming over the summer, but this one was much anticipated. People took drone videos and put them on Facebook and stuff. We drove out there to take a look at it yesterday. Many things had already been offloaded. Here is what we saw.


See that white truck? Gives you as sense of scale, huh? Well, there are three other trucks in that picture if you look closely. There are also tractor trailers stacked on top of each other, not to mention tractors.


You can see a truck under a tarp on a trailer in this close-up. Suffice to say, it’s a big load. You can see the results of this all over Bethel. Stores and homes have supplies stacked neatly in front of their doors. Empty lots are now full of construction materials. I have to assume that all of the stores and restaurants I thought were quietly going out of business (ahem, movie theater) because they had zero supplies will now have said supplies. It is really something to see. This event must have been really exciting when the barge was pretty much the only way to get most necessary supplies. Anyway, as we drove out of the parking area we noticed about 15 cars and trucks sitting there that had already been offloaded. I wonder how many are hidden in that barge total?

We have been given the go ahead on a date to move into our next house. Want to guess what day we can move?


Wednesday. The morning after Rosalind and I take off for two months. How useful.

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