No Pinterest Worthy Pics Here

Rosalind on the first day of Kindergarten. 

Rosalind on the last day of Kindergarten. 

I guess school really took a toll on her! Just kidding. She had some sort of mystery illness last night that involved a lot of laundry and a middle of the night shower. She was mostly bummed that she would miss the last day of school. As luck would have it she had a turnaround mid morning and made it to the last day bbq and assembly. I don’t have a picture but she was there with messy hair and sweat pants on! Now we have a first grader on our hands.

One thought on “No Pinterest Worthy Pics Here

  1. I was so bummed out that she would miss her last day, but you picked me up with the turnaround. I don’t want her to miss any special moment. My darlin is a first grader now, its going by too fast.

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