Wasting Away A Wednesday Afternoon

This school year is winding quickly to a close. Relatively quickly. At the moment it feels like this day will never end, much less the next five school days after this one. That’s how many student days are left. Five. Not that I’m counting by the minute or anything.

It is happening pretty fast though and nothing is a better reminder of this than realizing my eensy weensy baby is almost done with Kindergarten. It does not seem like she should have completed one whole grade already. As far as I can tell there are no ceremonies to go along with completing Kindergarten around here, but we are supposed to go to her school for a Kindergarten Potluck on Friday. I don’t know exactly what to expect from that kind of event but I’ll be there nonetheless. I might even take some food! Or I might forget. Because I am me. I went back into the house this morning specifically to retrieve my water bottle from the freezer and then went straight to the truck. The water bottle did not make it to work with me. I don’t think it even made it to the truck. I’m curious to get home and see exactly where I put it down. It’s always an adventure around here.

Here is a picture we took of the river on Sunday. It was moving really fast. Boats have already taken to the water and I hear that smelt will be running soon. I don’t know how the boats keep from hitting the ice, but I suppose they mostly manage.

brokern up river

Here is a picture of the dessert Sergio made me on Mother’s Day. It is Nutella and Cookie Butter covered strawberries. I have never been able to get Rosalind to voluntarily allow a fresh strawberry within three feet of her body and yet she ate almost my whole dessert. I will now spend my whole weekend smearing Nutella on every fresh berry I can get my hands on and will no doubt be disappointed when she suddenly decides she doesn’t eat Nutella and she never did and why do I always make her try gross foods!


13 days until I herd my child and pet through three overnight flights to Arkansas for the summer! Not that I am counting down by the minute or anything.

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