No Return On My Wise Investment

Well, I did not win $10,000. The Kuskokwim Ice Classic ended at 1:35 pm on May 4th. It’s too bad I’m not more of a Star Wars fan or I would have obviously chosen that date. Instead, I’ve only ever seen two Star Wars movies and always forget that May the 4th makes for a social media post. If the next question is which two have I seen, the answer is the first of the original three and the last of the next three. I do not know what they are called. On the other hand, I am a pretty decent fan of Spaceballs. Because I’m the definition of sophistication.


It is our understanding that the river usually breaks up in a more dynamic way with water and ice chunks moving in from upriver. However, the sun has been so warm down this way that the tripod just sank right through the ice yesterday. It didn’t immediately trigger the clock to stop but instead made more of a leisurely sojourn. I guess there was a celebration by the river last night and the winner was announced. It was somebody that has won before. Oh well. I guess May 16th will just remain a lucky date for me because it brought about my niece and not because it won me some extra cash. I can live with that.

Where the tripod used to be.

If you look really closely you can see where the sunken tripod is now.

river 1

We did not attend the celebration. We probably should have because it seems like such a Bethel thing to experience, but instead I went to Zumba like normal, and Sergio made dinner, and Rosalind cleaned her room in record breaking time. Record breaking in the sense of it taking the longest amount of time possible to clean a room the size of hers. I guess she had fun though. It’s amazing what happens when you can actually SEE all your stuff!

The other very Alaskan thing to happen was that our water cooler delivery came at 10:15 last night. I had to get out of bed to go get the water jugs off the porch, which I found very aggravating. However, when I stepped outside it appeared to be around 5 pm and the streets were still full of children playing and adults walking around. It is such a hard thing to get used to.

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