Unrelated Updates

Spring just keeps on coming! I know because we saw ducks and heard seagulls and I have a mosquito bite on my body. One of the very few nice things about an Alaskan winter is that there are no bugs, but I welcome the skeeters if it means winter is over.

So our lease is up in a month or two and on top of that our landlords are selling the property in which we reside. We would probably have moved out anyway since we now have a better understanding of what we want and can have in Bethel. It turns out that if you live on “city water” then it is a flat fee and unlimited. Like totally unlimited. If I want a long shower I can have one. If I want a dishwasher I can have one. Now, the water is nearly red in color and often just fails to work altogether, but it is unlimited. If you ask why it is unlimited they will tell you that it’s because you can’t monitor the water usage of people that aren’t on the tank system. A few years ago I accidentally left the water hose on and then went out of town for three days. I proved then that the water company can and does keep up with water consumption, at least outside of Bethel. Having said all of that, I think we found our next house yesterday. It is not on city water. It does not have a dishwasher. It DOES have a water tank double the size of the one we currently have. Because water is not the problem in Bethel, but the delivery, we will actually come out ahead financially each month while having more water. We are considering buying a tabletop dishwasher. What else does the house have? Twice as much room as our current one. A much better layout. Closets that can accommodate more than half a wardrobe. Way better furniture. A yard-like area that is private so Rosalind can play outside undisturbed. Best of all, it is all owned by our current landlords who will let us just switch over without a new deposit. I think we will be a lot more comfortable there next year.

Rosalind has been down with a fever for two days. She made it back to school today, and knock on wood, seems like she will make it through the whole day. We kept her out on Tuesday but her Tylenol worked so well that she and Sergio decided she was fine to go to school midday. She made it just over an hour before she appeared in my classroom next door all sick again.

Rolo sick

I don’t know what is/was wrong with her. I never know when to go to a doctor with a fever so I usually don’t and worry I am overdosing her on fever reducers.

Counting today I have 23 days left in the school year and 26 until we head to Arkansas for the summer. Nice.

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