The Healing Power of Streaming Media

Hi there! I didn’t write much last week. I didn’t have anything new to write about, and when I sat down to write it just seemed whiny. Sometimes when we have had a particularly frustrating day we will refer to it as a Bad Bethel Day. This means that our day was bad in some way that was amplified by the fact of living here. A normal bad day might include waking up late, having a bad morning with your kid, and experiencing something frustrating at work. A Bethel bad day would have all of that with a little added spice like the store being out of milk for a week, the internet going out repeatedly everyday, or a drunk teenager throwing all of your stuff around the locker room at the gym in an incoherent fit. Just stuff like that.

So last week was just a Bad Bethel Week. I wasn’t much in a good mood anyway, and then all of those things above occurred and more. By Friday I was down enough that when I asked Sergio if we could finally have Netflix so I could stay in bed all weekend, he agreed. We set Netflix to the lowest quality setting and calculated exactly how many hours of it we could stream before the end of the month and spent much of the weekend watching tv from bed. The entire first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt later, I am feeling better.

Also, I was finally offered a permanent teaching position for next year! It’s even in Social Studies! More about that when I have signed the contract and it is all totally settled. It is such a relief to know what I will be doing next year and that my family will remain living as one unit.

The other thing that really helped my mood was the weather on Saturday. Sergio was sick all weekend and we mostly stayed in bed, as previously mentioned, but on Saturday afternoon Rosalind and I ventured out for a baby shower. And we found Spring!


It was in the high 40’s or low 50’s. Some of the ponds in town were melted through. The little dry creek beds were trickling with meltwater. We saw non-raven birds carrying around sticks for nests. I saw a live animal that wasn’t a raven!!! There are even some buds at the tips of some of the shrubby trees. I don’t think they are ready to bloom out yet, and nothing has turned at all green, but you can feel that it’s about to. Last Tuesday it snowed like 5 inches and on Saturday it was Spring. I think the seasons change overnight here. It is so good for my psyche to see signs of Spring.

Not to mention Rosalind’s. Not that she has suffered much. Bethel is a child’s dreamscape.

Bethel swing springBethel spring swing 2

On the other hand, Sergio totally got up and ate breakfast at 11:00 pm the other night. Yes! He did it again! He just can’t get his brain to acclimate to all this daylight. I really do feel bad for him because I know how frustrating the daylight/dark thing can be, but I laughed at him really a lot when he did it the second time.

2 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Streaming Media

  1. Congratulations Dawn on the new job, I am so happy for you, I also really like the thought that you all stay together. I know the daylight bothers Sergio, wish I could help, but hopefully his body will get used to it soon. Maybe some night eye masks.

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