A Night Play In One Act

Last night I turn over and hit nudge Sergio gently to tell him that he is snoring. He doesn’t move. A couple of minutes later I nudge him ever so much more gently and tell him ever so kindly that he is snoring and to turn over. This time he gets out of bed. I’m surprised but not terribly so. I hear him get water from the cooler.

“Man, that is an awful lot of water,” I think.

He turns on the tv. This seems like really odd behavior for him, to get back out of bed to watch tv, but I just assume he is done with me nagging him about snoring.

I hear the familiar intro music to The Daily Show. That is a really strange choice. We usually watch that together before work.

Me: “Sergio, what are you doing?”

Sergio: “I got up.”

I flip over and start to go back to sleep. The tv is too loud though and will wake up Rosalind. I consider what to do for a second.

He gets more water. Why so much water?

Then it happens. I hear dog food tinkling into the bowl.

Me: “Sergio! What are you doing?!”

Sergio, frustrated: “What, Dawn? What? I got up! It was time to get up so I got up?”

Me: “It’s not time to get up. We just went to bed.”

Sergio: “What are you talking about?” It’s morning.”

Me, beginning to question my sanity: “What time do you think it is? Look at the phone.”

Sergio picks up the phone, “What the hell are you talking about?” He pauses while he looks at the phone. “Is it ten?”

Me, giggling: “We went to bed 25 minutes ago.”

He falls back into bed and seems to come totally out of his stupor. I tell him I am glad I caught him before he started the coffee. As I fall back to sleep I hear him murmur, “you could probably make a post out of that.”

2 thoughts on “A Night Play In One Act

  1. oh, he must have been really exhausted, I have done that before, I am glad it was early enough for him to still get a good nights sleep, cracked me up though

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