I have gotten some questions in real life regarding some of the posts I have written. I figure I might as well answer them since I have nothing else going on today. I should note that this is the last day of testing and I am still crazy bored but also dreading the loss of paid free time tomorrow.

Question: Did I pass my test on Friday?

Answer: Yes.  I tend to do better on English tests than I ever have with Social Studies. Of course, it is hard to study for broad Social Studies tests that cover multiple subjects and can pull questions from the totality of all recorded history and some prehistory.

Question: Did you put Rosalind in wrestling?

Answer: No. Not because we came to any decisions about whether she would like it or not. Instead the start day came along and we realized she was supposed to have headgear and shoes. We figured since we didn’t have it that she couldn’t start. It turns out that they have a set of used/shared supplies for kids that don’t have their own and she could have started anyway. As a teacher I can’t un-see what I have seen or un-know what I know and the idea of sharing head and footwear with fifty other children causes me uncontrollable shuddering.

Question: Where did Rosalind come up with the idea of a ransom letter?

Answer: I worried about that too! Definitely had some moments where I pondered if I was bringing up a sociopath. Turns out that the 12 episodes of Rugrats we downloaded for her on the iPad to watch on the way to Las Vegas contained an episode in which Tommy Pickles was kidnapped for ransom. So much for remembering that show as sweet and wholesome. Seriously, did you guys remember that there was an episode where one of the babies was kidnapped? How did that not seem strange to us as children? Anyway, that is where she got the idea, though the wording is mostly her own.

Follow up question: Can she still watch Rugrats?

Answer: Yes. She loves it and it’s mostly great and we survived our own childhoods with Rugrats so I’m sure it will all be fine.

Question: Does Rosalind think the lyrics to Uptown Funk You Up are actually Fuck You Up? Does she sing it that way?

Answer: No. She sings “Up, down, funk you up.” When I asked her to look at her spelling of funk and sound it out she said the “n” sound both times. She legitimately thought she spelled funk. I didn’t correct her because I didn’t want her to realize what it sounded like. I just cruelly took a picture and exploited it for laughs.

That’s all I can remember for now. Anybody have anything else they’ve been wondering about? I’m just twiddling my thumbs and need something to occupy my time.

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