Things To Do In Anchorage

It is probably really mean to title this post what I did because it might lead somebody here looking for real advice and they will be sorely disappointed when they read this post. I am sure there are lots of lovely things to do in Anchorage that are specific to the destination. We would not be the right people to tell you about that. When we get a chance to spend the weekend (one evening, one full day, and one morning) we are so starved for normal stuff that we don’t have time to venture out much. One time we went to Portage Glacier and it was awesome and I totally recommend doing that. There! One real recommendation. Otherwise, our list is not very useful.

We eat. We pretty much eat right from the moment we get off the plane and have a McDonald’s and a Starbucks to greet us right in the airport. On Friday afternoon we got Rosalind a Happy Meal to hold her over until our early dinner. Sergio and I both ate a fry and I’m not kidding when I say that it made us stop in our tracks. I am no great fan of McDonald’s but I am defenseless in the face of a perfect salty french fry. Here are two real food recommendations. Midnight Sun Brewery and Fire Island Rustic Bread. We have had Midnight Sun twice and it is a little stressful because it is such a small space with so many people wanting a table with no real order for how to get one. Both times we have been called over by nice people before they leave their table so we can have it. I think it is because we take our child to a hipster establishment and people feel bad for us. Very good food and beer. We just discovered the bakery on this trip and went both Saturday and Sunday. Sergio and I have always been suckers for a good bakery and this is a really good one. Go to there. We also had pho because my daughter loves it like I do and it was delightful (Pho Vietnam).


Then we had TGI Fridays for appetizers and I am not sorry.

We groom ourselves. Unlimited water! Some of us get haircuts.

anchorage eliot haircut anchorage haircut

We watch tv! We can use the hotel wifi. We update our phones and catch up on Netflix or whatever. The internet situation in Alaska is still a mystery to me, but I do know that it is all very limited and expensive. It is nice to lounge in the hotel room and not worry about going over our plan.

We shop at generic stores! This time Sergio dropped Rosalind and I off at Target while he went to a brewing store. In this way we made time to do other stuff later in the weekend like go to a very neat comic book/game/collectibles/fandom heaven store (Bosco’s – another real recommendation!) and Toys R Us. We also did some grocery shopping at the end for stuff that doesn’t come through Amazon Prime and is much cheaper in Anchorage. It is not worth it to go to Anchorage just to shop, but if you are there anyway you might as well. Remember we can bring up to nine checked bags (a very loose term) back to Bethel for free. One day I need to take pictures of the luggage belt at the Bethel airport. It’s interesting. I got a 24 pack of cokes for under ten dollars. In Bethel it is $11 for a 12 pack. The mind boggles. I picked up some cookie butter because that seems like something I should have in my life. I bought a pair of pajama pants I thought were $10 only to find they were actually $3!!! Do you know what you can get in Bethel for three dollars? Not much.

Not to mention that Anchorage is sales tax free. I mean, I guess all of Alaska is on a state level but Bethel has a regional sales tax on top of the already high prices.

I guess the lesson of this post is…there is no lesson. It just shows you why we never have anything really interesting to show you on the blog after a weekend in Anchorage. We just don’t go there for interesting. We go there for showers and french fries.

anchorage balloon animal anchorage eliot haircut 2

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