24 Hours

I started a post yesterday to pass the time and then got busy before I finished. So instead of just deleting it and starting over, I decided to go back and throw some times of day on that post and all the other stuff I considered making a post out of between then and now.

4/8/15 1:45 ish:  I have zero information or entertainment to impart to you today, but if I don’t do something with my hands and mind I might go crazy. I am on day three of no students. It is state testing week and the schedule is all goofy and I have zero responsibilities. I come to work every morning and then sit quietly in my classroom all day. I have studied for a test that I am taking on Friday. I have finished one of the books I was reading. I have applied for jobs across the U.S. for next year. I volunteered to put together all the daily testing snacks for the whole school, but the first round only took a half hour yesterday and I can’t start the next round until another staff member shops. I am not complaining, exactly, as being paid for nothing is not a bad deal. It’s just getting a little quiet.

As I said before, I am taking a Praxis test Friday morning and won’t be at work, so there is only one more day of this to go. After the test we decided to take advantage of the time off and fly into Anchorage for the weekend. It is always better if you can leave on the afternoon flight on a Friday. I can’t wait for a dose of normalcy! Sergio and I both take strange comfort in being in Anchorage, a place that you could drive all the way to Arkansas from, or to Washington, or to Ohio if the spirit struck. It would take forever and be miserable, but you COULD do it. It’s a calming thought. You know where you can drive from Bethel? The other end of Bethel.

4/8/15 4:15ish:  We pulled up to our house this afternoon after work and school to see a strange man knocking on our door. Many thoughts went through my mind. It could be someone connected with our landlord that wants to check something. It could be somebody that is interested in buying the house as our landlord has put all her rentals for sale. It could be a neighbor, perhaps? Instead it turned out to be a very drunk man looking for Thomas. He was pretty hard to understand at first, especially since Rosalind and I just stayed in the car for a bit longer while Sergio talked to the guy. We established with some difficulty that Thomas did not live here. Or over there. Or in that house either. Nor did we know the other people he hoped we knew. Then he asked for a sandwich. Sergio was not lying when he refused by saying we did not have the stuff for a sandwich, but the guy didn’t seem to buy it. Won’t we please just make him a sandwich?! He needs a sandwich! To metabolize! By this time Rosalind and I are out of the car and going in and Sergio says that if the guy will just stay to the side of the porch he will bring him some food. So we go in and gather some packaged foods like chips and soda. We even threw in an apple and cheese stick for healthiness because I’m sure that was a top priority.

Later we found all of his trash sitting on our neighbors porch. This is one of those moments that causes either Sergio or myself or both of us to go, “Ohhhh, Bethel.”

4/9/15 2:06: Now I am sitting here today trying to think of something more to post to make up for the fact that I didn’t post all week and probably won’t until after Anchorage. I don’t have much and now I have to go put together 170 snacks for the kids testing tomorrow. I’ll leave you with this gem from Rosalind. I would leave it without comment but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. Rosalind heard a song at school the other day that really appealed to her. She came to my school afterward singing it over and over. Then she decided she would write the lyrics down, thus resulting in my new favorite thing to text to anyone in response to anything.

Any guesses? Maybe this will help.

Still not sure? Ok.

It’s Uptown Funk You Up by Mark Ronson.

Of course.

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