Easter Recap

Happy belated Easter, everyone! The day did in fact come and go whether I thought it was time for it or not. We spent our Sunday much like every other Sunday. Woke up, made a little breakfast, wasted time around the house until the pool opened, spent a few hours at the pool and gym, grocery shopped, made dinner, watched tv. Yup. The only difference was the addition of an indoor Easter egg hunt and basket perusal. Since Easter was so close to Rolo’s birthday party this year the Easter bunny was a bit stingy. Not that the Easter bunny has ever been over the top. His is a subdued holiday. This year the basket held markers, watercolors, cheap paintbrushes, soft socks, and a dollar jump rope. The eggs contained gummy worms and some change. Except the real ones, of course. It was a very successful holiday. Rosalind actually played all day with those few things while wearing her soft socks (that don’t itch!!!).

(Rosalind also had an Easter gift from Arkansas family to open that included, among other things, a giant chocolate Easter bunny. She’s not suffering from bunny stinginess is what I’m saying. I, however, stole the caramel Cadbury egg from the gift so she might be suffering from her mom’s stinginess.)

We did not join either the elementary school egg hunt or the citywide one. The former due to mud and the latter due to snow. I would normally go out of my way to get to something I could blog about, like an Easter Egg Hunt in the snow, but the idea of hundreds of children fighting over eggs in a one minute time span stresses me out. Also, we have never taken Rosalind to an organized hunt on Easter before, so it didn’t seem like we were really denying her anything by not taking her this year.

The rest of the weekend involved more swimming, taking Rosalind to see Cinderella by myself since it finally came to Bethel, and catching up on dishes. I didn’t take a single picture of the holiday. Facebook and Instragram tell me we should have taken an outdoor family picture in our pastel finery, but it snowed hard Sunday, we wore sweats all day, and none of us even brushed our hair until after we went swimming. Not to mention, we almost never take family pictures. It seems like other people always have friends around them to take their pictures. We don’t. Ours are all selfies that make me have triple chin syndrome as I try to lean away from my own arm. Not pretty. When we leave Alaska we will have thousands of pictures of scenery with none of us in them and a couple dozen pictures of our faces blocking out all evidence of where we were.

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