Long Week Already

How is it just Wednesday? This week has been a drudge so far. It started with Rosalind and Sergio coming down sick at exactly the same time, but with seemingly different illnesses. Of course, I am healthy and for that I am thankful, but I hate having to watch everyone else be miserable. It was especially not fun watching Rosalind be still somewhat sick on her birthday. She rallied in the morning and asked to go to school and take cupcakes. Since she seemed good we sent her. She was even able to stay all day. When she turned up in my classroom at the end of the day she told me she hadn’t been able to eat her own birthday cupcakes and put her head down on the table. By the time we left she was curled up on the floor with her head on her backpack halfheartedly watching Rugrats on youtube while her normal after school friends played around my room without her. She rallied again to open presents at home, but then refused both dinner and cake.

I left her home with sick Sergio yesterday and ordered them both to get better while I was away. Rosalind mostly listened. She took a long nap, rested, and by dinner ate a small helping of real food for the first time in three days. She also spent the majority of her day rolling around the house in her new roller skates. Today she seems back to normal if extremely thin. I bet she lost two pounds which looks crazy bad on a 49 lb child.

Sergio is still just a big ball of snot and I know he is miserable but he is at work making eyes water everywhere he goes.

On top of that, I realized that I had misplaced my beloved Kindle. I realized this on Saturday and knew I couldn’t check my classroom until Monday. I didn’t worry much about it. On Monday I turned my classroom upside down with zero success. By that evening I was miserable and trying to search the house without alerting anyone that I was looking for anything. I find it easier to find my lost items before telling my family that I lost something. It happens to me enough to know this. I found nothing at home either. I dreamed about finding the Kindle in mud puddles, piles of dirty dishes, and other various places all night. I spent Tuesday looking through my classroom, emailing coworkers, and asking my students if they had seen it around. I had managed to lose it during P/T conferences and there was at least a small chance it had disappeared WITH someone. I finally alerted Sergio that he needed to block his Apple account from the Kindle until we knew more. By text. Not because he would be mad but because I know his resigned disappointment voice and will go far to avoid being the cause. It also happens when I get the car stuck in ice or lock myself out of something. So we turned the house upside down. I asked the AC store if it had been turned in even though I knew I had not gone there the day it was lost. I wandered the parking lot outside of school and our house thinking I might have dropped it out of my bag. Nothing. I finally accepted that it was gone.

This morning I was staring blindly at my computer while I listened to my third graders read The Hobbit out loud. I couldn’t follow along as I had purchased my copy through my Kindle. Suddenly I hear a tiny voice from one of my darling 3rd graders (not sarcasm: she is a total doll) and when I turned to look she was excitedly holding my Kindle out to me. This tiny black Kindle with a magnetic cover had somehow gotten stuck underneath my secondary teacher chair.

That I basically never use.

Not under the rolling part.

Like up in the part that moves it up and down and adjusts lumbar.

She happened to see it when she dropped her tissue on the floor and caught a good angle. Total luck. No less than ten kids and myself had searched under that very table at different times. I think I’ll be making this student a little thank you bag full of candy for tomorrow.

I know it’s silly to get so worked up over something inanimate but I really REALLY love my Kindle. I’m in the middle of three books. It was a gift. I’ve had it less than three months. Inanimate objects totally have feelings and I knew that wherever it was the Kindle was feeling sad and neglected.

I’m a complicated person, but at least now I am a happy and relieved complicated person.

One thought on “Long Week Already

  1. I was really hoping and praying that by the end of the story you would end with having found it, so happy you did. Hate to hear my kids are sick, hoping for a complete recovery all around soon. That is usually the way it is , when it is 30 below your all fine but when the weather is nicer and you can get out then you get sick.

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