Just some stuff that’s been happening around here and maybe wouldn’t be happening if we were located anywhere else.

1. Science: As we’ve mentioned, there aren’t a ton of things to do around town. To remedy that the people of the town go out of their way to make sure there is stuff to do. One of those things was the upper elementary school hosting a science extravaganza on Pi Day. I took Rosalind pretty late and had about an hour to look around. I thought that would be ample time, but so many people came and volunteered and hosted exhibits that we missed over half of the stuff. We did manage to make it to the room of Furs, Snares, and Traps. Perhaps this was a room you might find at any science extravaganza anywhere in the country, but it struck me as particularly Alaskan. Rosalind proceeded to build a rabbit snare from scratch. And now she wants to catch a rabbit. “If we don’t do it soon the rabbits will get worms and you can’t eat them, Mom!”

rolo snare 2rolo snare

2. Transience: We have been intellectually aware that this is a town which people come to and leave with frequency. However, we haven’t seen that in practice until just recently. In the last three weeks the list of people that are leaving (for a variety of reasons) include the Superintendent of schools, the high school Principal, the DA, the Assistant DA, around 1/3 of the teaching staff of the district, one of the PD staff, most of the Swanson’s employees, and so on. It’s a pretty big shuffle for such a small town. I am going to include a picture I took at the airport the first Saturday of Spring Break to give you an idea of how people flee when given the opportunity. Yes, it’s a tiny airport, but this was half the town. And we were only in the Alaska Airlines building. I bet Ravn Air looked the same all day as well.

spring break airport

3. Wrestling: So wrestling and basketball are the big sports up here. I’m sure you can imagine why two indoor sports are the biggest sports. There is a pretty serious group of club wrestlers and all the student’s were sent home with a sign-up sheet. Rosalind is interested. Now, I am all for girl’s wrestling and the sport in general. Let me be clear about that. Unfortunately, my imagination lacks the capacity to envision Rosalind enjoying wrestling once she has tried it out. She doesn’t even have a sibling to “rassle” with like most little kids do. I can just see the total surprise and tears the first time she gets thrown to the ground. Do we let her try anyway? The rule is that you have to finish what you start, so if she hates it she has to keep it up for the whole season. Maybe she would like it? I just have this very vivid memory of how she wouldn’t even kick other girls in the shins during soccer no matter how often we proved it didn’t hurt them. That attitude won’t really work for wrestling, right?

Sunlight: It is already light so late into the evening that we have to pull the shades down and pretend it is night. Rosalind goes to bed at what by all appearances seems to be about three in the afternoon. If Sergio and I stay up reading or anything we might get to a dusky type place before falling asleep. For maybe one more week. Granted, we still have blackout curtains in the bedrooms but it is still so odd to walk out of the bedroom for water and realize it still looks like the afternoon. Sergio hates it so bad.

One thought on “Hodgepodge

  1. I would hate to not let her try if she really wanted to, but I don’t know Rosalind is not really the wrestling type, but hey it just might be her thing, I think I would be sure and tell her that they will knock her down and it will hurt.

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