The Dress That Broke The Internet

I’m going to just assume that everyone saw the kerfuffle of the blue/black or white/gold dress that took over social media yesterday because I don’t have time to link a picture.

Having no prior knowledge of this dress thing I was baffled when Sergio asked me what colors I thought the dress was. Obviously it was blue and black. Why? Was he thinking of buying me that dress? Not really something I need…but no. He showed me the post and I was shocked to learn that people thought it was white and gold. I didn’t get it. We quickly learned that I was right because we are three hours behind here in Alaska and the mystery had been well solved.

An hour later and I saw the dress go by again and it was totally white and gold. Which pretty much caused my world to crumble around me.

This morning on tv – black and blue.

This afternoon on the computer – white and gold.

Just this moment I saw it pass by my screen again and it was white and gold. So I looked at it for a minute. And I changed it back. And then I changed it back again! And then again!!!

Does this mean I have the world’s lamest superpower. Being able to agree with both sides of Dress-gate? Or maybe I should chalk this superpower up to the intense amount of over the counter sinus meds I am mixing willy nilly.

*Sergio is solidly white/gold. He cannot see it blue/black for the life of him. Rosalind is solidly blue/black. And confused why we keep asking her.*

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