My Face Hurts and I Can’t Think Well

I know it is time to post something to the blog, preferably something informative or entertaining, but I am currently sitting here with my hands pressed tight against my cheeks and up the sides of my nose trying to simultaneously stop the tears and snot from spilling out of my face and also relieving the allergy/sinus pressure.

I just blew my nose and then my face squeaked from deep inside my sinus cavities. I’m sure we can all agree that allergy season is just the BEST!

So, yeah. I guess I am going to have allergies even in Alaska. I can’t tell that anything is blooming but I guess the constant snow, melt, freeze-over routine is enough to get me going.

In other fun news, both Sergio and I have had our lives threatened at work in the last two weeks! One much more credibly than the other. I would leave you to guess which of us was in actual danger, but living in these school shooting times you might guess wrong. It was Sergio. To the point that steps had to be taken so that he wasn’t in danger in court for a couple of days. FUN!

Hopefully I will have more to write about next week. Spring Break! Stay tuned.

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