p’s and q’s

Rosalind has been participating in a little academic competition called Battle of the Books recently. It functions a lot like Quiz Bowl, but all the questions come from a set series of books appropriate to grade level. The kids have to know the book that correctly answers the question and the name of the author. Rosalind got herself into this thing a little over a month ago and diligently reminded us most mornings that she needed to be early to school in order to get to Battle of the Books (but don’t let that sentence fool you, she still got ready at the speed of molasses and collapsed on the floor whining about her jeans being scrunched up in her snow pants nearly every morning so that we were always almost late anyway). Basically I think the teachers went into the cafeteria one morning and grabbed any kids that were there early enough. If they kept coming back then they were on the teams.

The competition was yesterday and her team took second. That’s not really the important part, though some of the teachers told me more details of the game last night at Zumba and I am proud to say that it took over an hour and half before any team missed a question. I guess it was a pretty epic battle for Kindergarten. Anyway, I am happy because she got pulled into something, chose to stay in it on her own, and finished the whole thing out enthusiastically. I can’t say she maintained the same enthusiasm for Ballet. Or softball. And even though she eventually came around to soccer it took a lot of McDonald’s Happy Meals to get her there.

On a somewhat related note, I love watching the development of little kid writing skills. From yesterday:
Verbatim: “Frst I gat my sliqigdag. than I rold it owt. in tin I roldawd the covrs dwn. thin I go to bad.”
Translation: “First I got my sleeping bag. Then I rolled it out. And then I rolled the covers down. Then I go to bed.”

She really struggles with the p,q,d,b differences, can’t imagine why. I struggled with my m,w differences and spelled my name DAMN for a short time. She comes by it honestly.

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