Upsie-Datesies, Like Updates Only Smaller

We called the landlord two more times over the weekend to come defrost the frozen water pump. It’s really much more of a hardship on them than us. We were told that our water tank should not be on the north side of the house because of the treacherous North Wind. But that’s how they built it so they just have to deal with it.

If you have been waiting with nervous anticipation to know how to unfreeze a septic tank then you are almost in luck! They plugged it in. I don’t know to what exactly. I just know that a long extension cord was running from our outdoor outlet we use to plug in the oil pan of our truck every morning to a new septic destination when we got home on Friday. And now everything is fine. Apparently this just happens and they’ll come rewarm the poop tank again in the future if necessary. By plugging it up. So there are your lovely mental images for the day! You’re welcome.

We don’t have much else going on. I am ready for it to warm up a bit. I would welcome those 65-70 degree temperatures everyone keeps rubbing in my face but I’ll settle for it warming up to zero. And feeling like zero. The weather says it’s supposed to be 39 next week. I can’t even imagine how that might feel. That would be an over 40ish degree difference in a very short time. I think if it actually happens I’ll break out my shorts and flip flops and have a beer on the deck. Briefly.

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