Putting All My Trust In Our Smoke Alarms

As we walked out the door of our house this morning I jokingly asked Sergio which household item he thought would break today. I asked him this because in the last two weeks we have had the following problems.

Came home after work to the same smell you get when riding behind a semi-truck down a mountain. Burnt breaks. It was our water pump. Our landlord came right away and did something to it. He told us it had frozen and to let more air move between our main living area and the laundry room. No problem.

Two nights later we woke up to the spraying water from the water pump. Our landlord’s son came and fixed it the next morning.

On Monday morning I woke up and went to the bathroom only to realize when I got to the living room that it was the water pump running non-stop and starting to smell again that had actually woken me up. We shut it off to stop the problem but when it came back on it slowly quit pumping water over the next half hour. He came back and worked all day. It had frozen again despite our new airflow. He spent three hours making some sort of warm air blowing mechanism. Seems to work.

Our power went out briefly yesterday morning. Came back on. Everything seemed fine. Came home yesterday afternoon to a different sort of burning smell and the realization that our Toyo heating stove wasn’t running. When the landlord arrived he said our exhaust pipe had gotten messed up and was backdrafting exhaust into the room. And also the stove was broken. He fixed both.

Not 15 minutes after he left the stove quit again. He came back after dinner and exchanged stoves. It seems to work much better than the last, so that’s a plus.

I really thought that everything that could break had already broken. When I put the question to Sergio this morning I did not really think anything else would go wrong. I mean, how many times can we call these poor landlords in two weeks?

So we got a notice on our door today that the poop truck couldn’t empty our septic tank because it is frozen. I don’t even? I just… what? I’ve never considered this before. How do these things stay unfrozen? How do you unfreeze them once they are frozen? These are things I’ve never wanted to think about!!!

The landlord has been informed.

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