Race Day!

We have just returned from the fun, but unfortunately named, Girl Scouts Diva Derby. Why does the girls version have to be called the Diva Derby? Pretty sure the Boy Scouts just always stick with straight up Pinewood Derby. Anyway, I’ll step off my little feminism soap box and move on. We received this from Rosalind’s Girl Scout leader a couple of weeks ago.
derby box

We tried to be careful to strike a balance between helping Rosalind enough to make it a functional car while not being crazy overbearing parents that did all the work for her. We had her watch a video with us on tricks of the Pinewood Derby trade and learned that we should weight it, lift one wheel, and lubricate with dry graphite. Then we let her draw along the side of the car to make a shape of her choice. Sergio carved it out and then handed it back over for her to sand.
rough car
She also wanted a place for drivers so he drilled into the tops a little.

Some time later we went to the hardware store to pick up graphite and possibly some washers for weighting. While there we let Rosalind pick her paint color. She is a girl that knows her own mind.
Painted car

After that we pretty much forgot about the project until last night. She picked her driver from among her Lego collection and she and Sergio added the wheels. The only thing missing from the following picture is the pennies we later superglued in behind the girl. We waited to glue them in until we knew we weren’t somehow over the five ounce weight limit.
Car with girl

Car with girl from side

car from front

Pretty sharp for her first try!
As it turned out, our little car only weighed 2.1 ounces. They handed out free washers and glue guns to all participants to get them as close to the 5 oz mark as possible. Here are Sergio and Rosalind adding them to the only available space on the car and covering the adorable pennies. Oh well. Might have harmed the aerodynamics as well, but then so did almost everyone. Oh wait, I have a picture of her holding it with only the penny weights as well.
With car before washers

gluing car

Then we finally started racing! Something like 28 rounds. I’ll stop the suspense and tell you that Rosalind pulled a solid second place in each of her heats. Not enough to advance but always thisclose. She had fun while she got to race but once she was solidly out of the game she disappeared into the playroom at the back of the Mormom Church. It was a dream of a girl party and Rolo found two or three boys playing at the back and stuck with them the rest of the time. I have evidently passed on to her my inherent instinct to avoid large groups of girls.
watching track

All the girls were given a ribbon and an additional Superlative sort of award. Rosalind got Best Driver. Not her…the Lego Dr. Princess in shades.
award one

award 2

We all had a pretty good time.
award up close
OH! So close on the name! Why does nobody ever ask us to clarify how to spell it?! How hard is that?! Why would you just assume you know how to spell a name like Rosalind? Baffling.

I would also like to point out that we weren’t even close to the most involved/stressed/intense parents there. I’m proud of us all.

2 thoughts on “Race Day!

  1. Sounds like a great day, great fun for all of you together. The car is sooooooo cute, and the little driver adorable. Great job darlin.

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