It’s Raining In

I’m trying to think of something to write about that doesn’t involve the weather for once but I’m mostly coming up empty. I will say that it has warmed up quite a lot from yesterday and I can tell this because my feet were able to get warm at work today. Yay!

Oh! Here you go. The night before last Sergio and I both startled awake around 3:30 am. It was one of those things where you don’t know what you are hearing but you jump up raring to go anyway. Or at least Sergio does. My part is usually to startle, hit him awake, and then promptly turn over and fall right back to sleep. In most cases it is Rosalind knocking her lamp or small fan off of her side table while she flops around in her sleep. That was not the case on Monday morning. After Sergio flew out of bed and I turned over to go back to sleep I heard him talking. I didn’t really consider what he was saying or if he was talking to me or somebody else. I was not nearly awake enough for that. I just went out after him (pretty sure we would be hopeless in a home invasion scenario). I found him in the laundry room holding a small tubular portion of our water pump that was shooting water straight against our ceiling. By the time I arrive the floor was covered, the shelves were mini-waterfalls, and our stored food and paper goods were soaked. At least it was pleasantly warm as it was shooting only our heated water at first.

Believe it or not, we have no prior experience with water pumps. We did not know what to do. Counter to every instinct in my body I called our landlord. Let me clarify that. I knew it was the right thing to do to call the landlord, it’s just that my brain was telling me not to disturb people at three in the morning and that the telephone is evil and JUST LIVE WITH SPRAYING WATER UNTIL A DECENT TIME OF DAY! That’s how my brain works. Our landlords were out of town, which we knew when we called. They seemed to know immediately what was happening and hung up to call their son to come fix it. He lives right next door. That’s convenient. He came and shut off the pump and rerouted the water back outside. He then left and said he would come back the next afternoon to fix the pump.

Not a full minute after he left we realized that our water tank would most likely become a giant ice cube in the -43 temps if he waited that long to come back. We had to call the landlord one more time to ask her what to do. She said she would get him back over early the next morning. I really thought the water tank would freeze but I guess that insulation and heating mechanism is stronger than I thought because the only thing that froze up was the outdoor pipe. In the end he came back in the morning, replaced our little busted plastic tube with a piece of copper tubing, and changed out the frozen outdoor pipe. The water itself required no fancy defrosting techniques. We were basically awake from 3 am onward that day and had no water until we got home from work. An inconvenience for sure, but not a big deal in the end.

And now I can say I finally got around to mopping the floor of the laundry room. Good for me.

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