How it Feels

The cold has hit. If you dress for it and don’t stay out in it long, it doesn’t really feel much different from day to day. You’ll notice it most in your eyes, nose and throat. First you do a brittle tickle cough when the air hits you, sometimes for the whole time you are outside. If you are staying out long enough to walk from your office to the courthouse, or from your school to your kid’s school, you will also notice that your snot immediately freezes up and feels really strange. And you’ll be squeezing your eyes against the cold to try and save any moisture in them just hoping that you’ll still have your lashes when you get where you are going. In my case I must also suffer with extreme fog on my glasses for the first two to five minutes after I enter a building, no matter how short a time I spent outside.

Otherwise, if you dress right you’ll be okay and there isn’t much difference between a temp of 10 to a temp of -10. On Friday the forecast says the actual temperature could hit -22. I’m curious to see if that feels different no matter what clothes you wear. If you have to stand outside in it, especially without moving or walking, you will know that it is indeed colder than most temps you have ever experienced. That is why I like to luck out of recess duty when the temp is considered dangerously cold. Standing outside for 20 to 35 minutes is just not fun. That is why I took to Facebook with my excitement over having finally hit that magic number yesterday. If it’s going to be -19, it might as well just go ahead and hit a solid -25 so that there is no confusion about whether everyone needs to go play or not.

On the other hand, you not only need to plug the car in every morning, warm the car up for over 20 minutes ahead of leaving, and scrape the ice off the car just to see, you also have to make sure and turn it on or plug it in at work sometime in the middle of the day. Sitting in the below 0 temps for eight hours in a parking lot is just as hard on the car as sitting in the driveway overnight. Now I know that. And our water pump froze yesterday while we were working. The water pump is in the house. So that’s fun.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the cold. Now I’m off to cafeteria and recess duty. Indoors again today.

Total afterthought! The time changes by about five minutes a day on both ends. It is already feeling much more normal with the daylight and dark distribution. It’s actually been amazing to see how quickly the daytime hours have gotten to a place I would call normal. So at least it is nice and sunny while it’s getting colder.

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