Checking Back In

One week back in Alaska. Done. It hasn’t taken too much effort to settle back into the routine of Bethel life, but that doesn’t mean I settled back in super willingly. Three weeks was plenty of time to forget how much I hate the toilet situation and the speed at which everything in Bethel moves. S.L.O.W.L.Y.
However, two of my Christmas gifts have added to my Bethel quality of life immeasurably. A Kindle and an electric blanket. Yes, I moved to the “Last Frontier” in order that I might become even more sedentary than ever before. You can keep your hunting, fishing, birdwatching, boating, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, 4wheeling, and being mauled by large animals. I’m going to crank my electric blanket to setting Scorch and see how many books I can read in a year. Five since Christmas day. Livin’ the life!
Over Christmas I was asked if we had seen any Alaskan wildlife yet and I would like to report that Sergio finally saw an Arctic Hare. I just looked that up to make sure I wasn’t making up the name of that animal. I was not and you will be happy to know that it is also commonly called the Polar Bunny. Cute. So there you go. One Alaskan animal down. For the few of you that read this blog and didn’t see us over Christmas, we also got our first taste of the Aurora Borealis. Not exactly in Alaska. We were told to look out the left side of the plane on the trip from Anchorage to Chicago and there it was! It was quite nice. I still hope to see it many times from my front porch in the time we live here.
I have spent one week (minus one day off for ice) at my new long term subbing gig. It suits me just fine. Especially the part where I have a planning period at the end of every day. That’s why I am writing this right now. The people are friendly and the schedule is ideal. The details of my job require more repetition than I am used to as a teacher, but I guess a little tedium never hurt anybody. 3rd-6th graders are decidedly less gross than the K-2 set, but while the little ones fart and snot accidentally, the 4th graders do it on purpose. This is the kind of invaluable stuff I’m learning this year.

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