Late Friday night when Rosalind should already have been asleep, she wandered into my room to show me her tooth. She could bend it from side to side until it touched her gums. I explained that if we didn’t pull it she would probably swallow it in her sleep. She climbed right into my lap but then covered her mouth and wouldn’t stop. As luck would have it, I had been on the phone with Sergio, so he was encouraging her over the phone. When it became obvious she wasn’t going to let me do it, I reminded her that she could do it. She let me place a tissue over it to aid in gripping, and then she pulled it out. It made a very satisfying/disgusting THWOP! So while it did not pop out the way she had hoped, it did quite literally pop out. It didn’t even bleed. This right here is the face of total joy at having lost her first tooth, and pride for having done it herself.

I remember the day this tooth came in. Her first. I know it makes sense, to lose the first tooth you got first, but still. Sob. She’s such a kid now.

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