Keep On The Sunny Side

Wanna see something fun?


What a lovely sunset, right?

No, silly! That’s the noonday sun. I just took that picture right now in the school hallway.

It’s not that we don’t have sunlight. The sun is rising a little later everyday, about 10:55 this morning, and setting a little earlier, probably 4:32 this afternoon. What you don’t think about when you consider the sunlight is that it never has the time to get anywhere. It just sits on the horizon and scoots around so that that it can always be shining directly in your eyes while you drive. Unless it is overcast, in which case it never feels like the sun has come up.

This will all begin to reverse the day we arrive in Arkansas. It will be one day after the winter solstice. Then we’ll start working the other direction about five minutes on both ends. Not too bad. But I do think this might contribute to my Wednesday doldrums, which I am totally having today despite the fact that we have no extended homeroom, no clubs, no late lunch, and easier classes due to a finals schedule. Or maybe it’s because I just got hit with a big stick when a kid threw it. Not maliciously. Just thoughtlessly. Could be that.

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