Weekend Things

We took Rosalind to the doctor here in Bethel for the first time on Friday. Not because she is sick but because she is still itchy bitchy. You’ll be glad to know we are already doing what we are supposed to do. I don’t know if you know this or not, but the air is pretty dry here. Shocking revelation! While there I asked the doctor if I could make an appointment for my witch mole. That’s how I refer to it with my daughter and all other children her age. Because they ask. All the time. Why is that on your face? What is that? Why don’t you take it off? It’s weird! Here, I’ll show you.

IMG_0352.JPGSee it? My friends and spouse always say they don’t even notice it, but small children tell the brutal truth. I have asked a dermatologist to take it off before. He refused saying that cutting off a mole from a face leaves possibly bad scars. I asked the PA at this clinic. He said pretty much the same but said he would ask the doctor. The doc walked in and hadn’t even cleared the door before he said, “it’s a wart. Freeze it. Oh, I’ll just do it while I’m here.” Since there seems to be some confusion in the community about whether it is a mole or a wart (both such attractive options) I’m just calling it Mort. We’re now on Mort Watch to see just how bad this whole thing could turn out. The doctor literally said, “you know, it’s like frostbite. Probably shouldn’t do it twice,” WHILE he was freezing it for the SECOND TIME! And anyway, is that common knowledge about frostbite? Once is okay but don’t freeze your extremities to death TWICE cuz then it could get bad. Good to know.

Speaking of frostbite…we took an evening walk on Friday to check out the slough ice near our house. It’s totally solid. It wasn’t enough that I had watched many, many snow machines cross it, and people walk over, and kids skate on the deeper pond beside it, and search and rescue put out poles indicating it’s solid. No, I had to take my weight out there and gently stomp before I could be sure. The take away from that walk is that I’m glad we got a truck. So cold. Can you see our red cheeks? Not sure this picture conveys how red we were or not.


Yesterday we ate at the Swanson’s grocery store after an afternoon swim. I only mention this because I took a picture of Rosalind in her snowsuit. I just can’t get over the cute of little kids in snow bibs.


Today we took some selfies on the couch before going to swim again. Rosalind loves this activity.





Oh, and we tried to get some pictures at the pool one of these days. One of the nicer views in town is of the semi-open tundra out the pool window. They check the chemical levels in the pool once an hour. We all have to sit and be cold for ten minutes while they do. Looking at the view is Rosalind’s favorite way to pass the time.




And now we are going to eat these brownies we made and covered with vanilla frosting and candy cane crumbles.


Hope you guys also had a good weekend. Technically less than one week until we head home!!!

One thought on “Weekend Things

  1. love the post, great pictures, Dawn I never noticed it either, I think you are beautiful, but I really don’t think it is a wart, I have a wart on my hand and your face looks nothing like that. In the selfies you and Rosalind look so much alike. I am counting down the days till you guys get here. Also really need to get on cleaning my house.

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