Wednesday Thoughts

Every Wednesday I question my career choices. I think I have just realized this is due to hanger. No, not that kind of hanger or even that kind of hangar. I’m talking about the state of being angry due to hunger. As in, “I am so hangry.” I don’t think I am unique in this emotion but it took me a long time to realize what exactly is wrong with Wednesday. I first blamed it on having the tougher classes on Wednesday. Then I blamed it on the hour long homeroom which is the worst invention ever. I also tried to blame it on the club period that happens on Wednesday afternoons. But in reality, I get a prep period on Wednesday and clubs have only met once because of pep rallies and things. Hour long homeroom is completely awful when it happens, which it did today, but it has been changed or canceled more days than it has not due to makeup days.

I finally figured out today that a cup of coffee does not hold me over until after 1 pm, which is what time lunch happens on Wednesdays because of the dreaded hour long homeroom. I’m sure it seems crazy that it took me this long to realize that I get hungry if I haven’t eaten by 1 pm. But it did. Or at least it took me this long to realize that one of the reasons I can’t deal with the antics of the homeroom kids is because I am a hungry ball of simmering rage. Epiphany.

I have now consumed a very questionable school lunch of meatloaf, instant brown rice, instant gravy, and canned mandarin oranges. Don’t forget the box of chocolate milk! I would say I feel better but I really just want to keel over asleep like an overly exhausted toddler. I am nothing if not infantile!

In other news, Rosalind continues to push our parenting skills on a weekly basis. She is no longer threatening people as the shock of having to go to the Principal’s office seems to have sufficiently scared her. Instead she has stopped completing her work even though she fully understands how to do it. She has, in fact, done a variation of the same kinds of work every single day of the school year. It would probably take her under three minutes to complete the work if she just would. She only refuses to do work that has been done many times before. Repetition has never really been her thing. This is probably where Montessori really worked for Rosalind. I remember every teacher she had telling us she had mastered each new skill as it came along, but refused to go back and show the teachers when asked. Montessori teachers just laughed it off and let her choose her own work until she felt like going back. Unsurprisingly, regular school does not function that way. Yes, I know she’s bored. But we refuse to be those parents. Even if she is bored she must still learn self-discipline. Every online search leads to the same conclusion. Bored. Actually, most online searches lead me to articles about the 3 B’s. If your kid is suddenly misbehaving now that they have started public school it is mostly likely because they are “Bright, Bored, and a Boy.” She is indeed bored and decently bright but we’ll have to replace boy with some other B word. Brat, perhaps?

****I can’t take credit for the hangry dog meme. I stole it from Nikki’s pinterest.*****

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