We’ll Be Living the High Life

There is not much going on with us here in Bethel as we enter the final countdown to Christmas vacation! WOOOHOOO!

So, yeah.

I don’t have much to talk about…lemme think…

I am getting so amped about the possibility of restaurant food and showers and flushing the toilet every single time I use it!!! It’s really the little things that keep me going. I am going to shave my legs like THREE whole times while I’m home. Which may sound weird to you but you should realize that No Shave November came and went without me even noticing because it would have made zero difference in my life. And now you know that about me.

You know you are more than ready for a decent stay in civilization when the idea of a long overnight flight with connections isn’t that daunting because all you can think about is what food options the airports might hold. I bet you never knew that airports are a wonderland of exotic food options, but they are when you’ve done three days shy of six months in Bethel. I could have Chili’s To Go! I could have McDonald’s! I could have freakin’ Pizza Hut!!! Airport chinese food! Probably other options! OMG, y’all! O.M.G.

You know what else I want to do? I want to walk around a downstate grocery store and buy whatever food strikes my fancy and marvel at how low the prices are and KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that whatever I buy will be fresh when I get it home. I’m so tired of buying overly expensive bread and milk only to find that it’s already molded or sour when I open it at home.

Oh, dear. I’m going to gain so much weight over those three weeks. I can’t wait.

And I’m going to get a haircut! And my eyebrows waxed! And my toes painted! And the dog’s hair cut! And Rosalind’s hair cut! And drive a car above 30 mph! For more than a mile in one direction! I’m going to walk around outside! And the dog will pee on grass! I will go to a store and not know every person I see! I’m going to stream tv on my phone! And have iced tea! I could do this all day!!!!!!!!

One thought on “We’ll Be Living the High Life

  1. well, I am usually daunted by the fact that there is not much to do here in Pocahontas, but if these are your desires I think we could probably handle every one of these here.

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